Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I promise this is not a cooking blog!

It is true I saw Julie and Julia and LOVED it. I do not think we need to have it repeated.

Okay actually I would LOVE to repeat it but the cookbook I have is simply too big. After viewing the movie I found I had The Joy of Cooking Cookbook. I thought "What Julie Powell can do with Julia Child, I can do with Irma S. Rombauer." Then I realized the book has over 1100 pages and untold millions of recipes. It would not work at all for me to attempt to make every single recipe in the book in a year. Impossible. And besides some of the recipes just sound, how do I say this delicately?...gross. I mean, how appetizing does Oxtails Smothered in Onions sound to you?

One of my favorite dishes is pot roast. I just love it. But I can't cook it. Or I haven't been able to cook it until trying the recipes in this book. I can now make a fairly decent...errr exceptional roast, complete with potatoes. I am afraid these pictures do not do the roast or potatoes justice! You see my dear Man was fairly starving and ha to start cutting the roast as soon as I took it from the pan. Silly man!

But it was most delicious!! Even as leftovers on a rather nasty snowy day outside.

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  1. YUM!! That looks so good... and I can't wait to read more about your recipe adventures! Totally agree with you on the ox tail. Some recipes are just gross. :)