Monday, April 5, 2010


I was asked to speak at a local MOPS group tonight. I've had a couple of weeks to think on it. I thought I had the best way to get out of it. I've been helping out at our church Monday mornings and so I wouldn't be able to do it. But they meet in the evening. And I had no more excuses.

And no more brain waves either apparently. I've spent the last couple of weeks thinking and pondering just what I would say and here we are, about 2 hours away from when I have to be there and I'm still clueless.

I have an idea, just no idea if I can possibly pull it off. I have a collection of mugs because I like them. I thought I could relate children to what one fills a mug with. What I pour into the mug is what I'll get out of the mug.

Pour in chocolate milk, I'll get chocolate milk. Pour in coffee, I'll get coffee. That sort of thing. I should of course mention the verse in Proverbs about training up children in the way they should go....

They want funny, Mom and the gospel. Oh I am so unprepared for this all.

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