Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty is only skin deep....

But ugly goes all the way to the bone. Why do we make statements like that? It is true, but true beauty also comes from the inside.

It seems puberty is starting to rear its head around here. Oh not me, I did that once and survived. My oldest, "Goober", is almost 10, although to hear her you'd think she was approaching...oh....40 at least.

Several years ago I bought "The Care and Keeping of You." I had heard great things about it and so I picked it up. Last Fall I gave it to Goober to read for school. It took her a couple of days. And that was just because I made her do other schoolwork.

Yes, I am a slave driver, thankyouverymuch.

As I read it and then as she read it, I thought how great it would be to find a similar book only written from a Christian perspective. I think I just did. Nancy Rue did a remarkable job in writing, The Skin You're In, Discovering True Beauty. 

The Skin You're In, Discovering True Beauty is written for 9-12 year old girls. Personally I would lean more towards the 11-13/14 age range. Just because I have girls in that age group (well okay one girl in that age range but another one isn't too far behind) and the last thing I want to do is tell them, or have them read that some people might think there is something wrong with them. Right now my girls are little girls. If they are aware of peer pressure to act and dress a certain way, I certainly don't see it.

But for those girls who attend school outside of their home, this would be a great book!!!  It addresses a lot of growing up things girls experience and how to deal with them in a godly manner. Nancy Rue talks about clothing, hair, taking care of (and how!) your skin, and a host of other topics.  All of her chapters have a "God God?" portion where she brings in Bible verses and shares what God thinks of that and how He sees us.

All of her advice is spot-on, except one. In the hair chapter, she says if you have dry hair and need to wash it every day you should use baby shampoo. I think that should read if your hair is Oily because baby shampoo has an ingredient in it that causes it to dry your hair. (the same ingredient makes it "tear-free")

The link above will take you to Zondervan's website where you can order the book for about $8.00 or you can order it through your local Christian book store. I recommend it!!! If you're not sure, I will be posting the first chapter in late July.

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