Friday, March 19, 2010

Better have a brownie....

I think little old ladies are some of God's funniest creations. I honestly do. This past week I had a couple of occasions to view these creatures up close and personal, and they are just hysterical. I hope I can grow up to be like them.

Take for instance the older lady I sat next to at supper on Thursday night. Dear man was invited to speak at a retirement center, and this speaking just happened to coincide with supper time. And this retirement center just happened to have a potluck on Thursday nights and we were invited to attend.

As soon as we walked in we were handed plates and told to "go on through the line." Now I've been around enough older ladies to know when they speak they expect no arguments and you'd best be quick about obeying.

Because I'm trying to drop a few (million) pounds, and food prepared by older ladies tends to scare me, I didn't overfill my plate. I took a little bit of foods I thought would be safe. I tend to think food cooked by older ladies will either be the best tasting food known to man, or it will taste funny and I won't like it. I'm never sure which it is so I enter that realm with fear and a bit of trepidation.

(Or I could be yanking your chain because trepidation is a big word and fun to say.)

When the lady to my immediate left returned with her plate full, she took one sorry look at mine and proceeded to say, "Barb! Barb!Barb!" until the lady to my immediate right turned in her direction, "Go get some more food on your plate so Virginia can go with you. I think she's too bashful to get up alone and get more."

I was perfectly content to sit there and wait for Goober to finish and we'd go for dessert. Why waste all that room in your tummy on supper when there is dessert to be had? Exactly. I made this known to the lady on my left. I'm still not sure she was convinced. But I managed to change the subject by pointing out the pink earrings a lady was wearing. I told her I liked them and she smiled and nodded. The lady to my left said, "She hasn't heard a word in 30 years. She doesn't hear a thing."

I heard they were bringing out ice cream, now normally I'm not a big fan of ice cream but it sounded really good. I leaned towards Goober, who was sitting across from me, still eating her supper, and said, "See! We waited just long enough for the good stuff."

"Oh you're supposed to take two desserts. Better have a brownie with your ice cream."

I did have the ice cream, the lady to my left made sure I had some and an extra large portion at that. Because you know, I'm really too shy to take as much as I want.

As I pondered this, the verse in Proverbs came to mind. "The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old" (Proverbs 20:29) And this one too, "Gray hair is a crown of splendor, it is attained by a righteous life."

That is what I want. I want the splendor of living a righteous life.

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