Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Money Saving Tips Part 1

I promised some money saving tips. One of my favorite ways is to use non-chemical cleaners. Especially when they clean better than their chemical counterparts and generally everyone already has them on hand.

Vinegar has a million and ten uses, most of them do no involve making pickles.  I mix a spray bottle of vinegar and water. I use a ratio of 2:2, or equal parts. I just like using ratios because I learned how in math class.

While I taught my fifth grader.

Vinegar has been used for centuries! I wouldn't be surprised if Eve used it in her home.  It is incredibly inexpensive, even compared to other chemical cleaners. For example, 21 ounces of Comet with bleach will cost you $.97 at Target. A gallon of distilled white vinegar will cost you a few pennies more.
On of my favorite places to use vinegar is in the laundry room.  I add it to the rinse cycle in my washing machine and all the soap is rinsed out.  It is much cheaper than liquid fabric softener and you get the same result.

Okay, baking soda. You want to talk about a great cleaner! The little dynamo in the orange box is cleaning machine. And you thought it was only for cooking!

I use in the place of harsh chemical cleaners to scour my sink, polish my faucet. I use it when I vacuum as an instant carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle some on, vacuum and sniff the clean air. It is, of course, much less expensive than the scent carpet cleaners you can buy.  

Have you noticed your tennis shoes are smelling less than sweet? Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes, leave over night, shake out the excess and your shoes once again are not announcing your presence.

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