Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too busy reading...

too write much here. But that's not always a bad thing because now I get to tell you about a book I just read.

I just finished "The Choice" by Suzanne Woods Fisher. The Choice is about an Amish girl named Carrie Weaver. Carrie is planning on leaving the Amish community with her secret boyfriend, when her father dies suddenly. She is left to care for her younger brother in a house owned by her step-mother. A very hard and difficult woman.

As a means to escape with her brother, Carrie makes a hard choice and marries a man she doesn't love. Will she grow to love him, or is that relationship doomed from the start?

Suzanne tells a poignant story of love, forgiveness, faith and redemption. Normally stories like this one, are not my preference. I enjoyed this book. At times I thought it would never end and kept going on but it is a good story and is very well written. I recommend it highly! Either click the link above to order it through or request it at your local Christian book store.

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