Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm back!!

I have finished books and need to tell you what I think. I LOVE THEM!!

Now why and what books? Good question.

I'll start with this one. The Chic shall inherit the earth by Shelly Adina. It is the sixth book in Shelly's All About Us series. This book is again about Lissa Mansfield, high school senior at the posh Spencer Academy.

I am a long way away from my senior year, but I do remember it. I remember the fears, the insecurities I faced. I have to say while I know Lissa is a work of fiction, I was proud of her. She had insecurities and fears and she faced them.

She realized the leader of the pack of mean girls was desperate for a friend. And she set out to be a friend to this girl in spite of great opposition from her own group of friends.

This is definitely a book I will want my own daughters to read when they are old enough.

The next books...are found here and here. These books are in a brand new series, Camp Club Girls and are for girls ages 9-12. I LOVED these books.

As soon as I finished the first book, I emailed my contact at Barbour Books and gushed over them. Seriously, people the first book kept me awake with giddiness. Finally a book for girls, for MY girls I will gladly let them read. In fact they were both chomping at the bit for me to finish them.

I honestly can't remember the last time I read juvenile fiction that was this good. I really struggle finding age-appropriate books for my two girls, ages 7 and 9.5.

Camp Club Girls tell the story of six girls from across the United States who meet at Camp Discovery and together solve a mystery. They are kind of like a group of modern day Nancy Drews, only younger.

My 9.5 year old has this to say about the books:
They are interesting. They have interesting mixed in with spiritual.

My 7 year old says this about the books.
I like the books because they kind of seem real to me. And I just like them.

Now a note about my 7-year-old, she is a mover. Sitting still and reading for hours is not something that is easy for her to do. She loves to read but has to move around too. (She is her Momma's daughter.) She read both books in about a day and a half.

Please, Momma's and Daddies, do you young girls a favor and get them started on these books.

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