Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A comedy of errors

Yesterday...ahh the sweetness of being able to say "yesterday" and not "today." Yesterday is over and done...and I'm so very glad. It was definitely a day for good ol' Murphy to show up and dance his jig all over my day.

The day was supposed to be a good day and it started off that way. School was going well, very well as a matter of fact. A friend came over for coffee and was wonderful.

Then I needed to print an attachment someone had sent in an email. That necessitated my checking my email. I received a horrible shock. It isn't one I'm wanting to, ready or in any way, shape of form, going to talk about here but it rocked me to the core.

While I'm reeling from the shock I start cooking and it's all going well. Very well in fact. Until I get to the part of the recipe where I am simmer it for about 20 minutes. I remembered to check the time and then I went outside.

Twenty-five minutes later dear man is home and we're heading inside to get ready to eat. I open the door and I see smoke. A lot of smoke. And I smell a bad smell. A very bad smell.

All the water in my black beans and rice had been absorbed. And the rice was done. Unfortunately my house now smells like scorched food.

I knew on my way to Bible study last night I was going to get a ticket. A ticket for what I'm not sure (I typically set the cruise for the speed limit) but it just seemed like the not-so-perfect ending for a not-so-perfect day.

But I didn't.

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