Monday, July 26, 2010

Dave Ramsey Special

Earlier this year we went through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.  I was both excited and apprehensive about the class. Excited because I was tired of living the way we were and wanted to make a change.

Apprehensive.....because well...the last "get-your-financial-life-in-order-book I bought I learned ONE thing from  its pages.

I couldn't afford the book. And the book store wouldn't take it back. So I was stuck. I swore off finance books. If all they were going to tell me was I was broke and couldn't afford the book I just bought, who needed them? I don't need a book to tell me I'm broke and near destitute. Okay so my straits weren't quite that dire.

Okay, yeah I'll go with that.

My church used FPU as an adult class on Sunday mornings. And I was the first one to sign up. Because I cheated. I talked to the teacher of the class on facebook before anyone else knew we were offering that class. I always say,"Strike while the iron is hot" and sometimes I even mange to follow my own advice. This was one of those times.

Dave Ramsey says in the class (and his book) to "sell things. Sell so many things your kids think you're next." I've tried to do that an I've not been horribly unsuccessful.  I can't remember if this saying was from Dave or just from the leaders of my class, "Rice and beans, Beans and rice"

Meaning of course that beans and rice are both cheap and when you want to get out of debt you'll eat beans and rice, rice and beans because that is what it will take. Cheap food.

Which is why I present to you, The Dave Ramsey Special.

No it's not  a book. It's a meal.  But more than's a cheap meal. And soo easy too. Four ingredients. Rice (cheap cheap cheap), Salsa (really cheap if you're smart enough to make  your own, otherwise on sale it's cheap),  one pound hamburger (also if you find it on sale it's cheap), and 8 ounces of shredded cheese. (cheap if you buy the brick and shred it yourself, cheaper still if you find the brick on sale). Just cook the rice according to the directions, while it is cooking brown the hamburger, add 1/2 the jar of salsa (any size will work) mix well. When the rice is done combine with meat/salsa mixture. Add remaining salsa, mix well. Sprinkle cheese on top and allow to melt (I covered the pan). Serve and enjoy!!!

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  1. Mmm, that looks good! And, I love me an "easy" meal! ;)

    So, thanks -- this is one I'll be trying out on my family. Betcha they'll like it! :D