Monday, February 1, 2010

Romance is NOT a bad word.

Not that I ever really thought it was, but I grew up hearing about "those Harlequin romances" as if they were written by the devil himself and who knows maybe they were. For a time I rebelled and read romance books. Having lived a somewhat sheltered life, they astounded me. I had no idea life happened like that.

Now that I'm an adult, at least most of the time, I find myself no longer gravitating to romance books at all. I find them to be, in general, fake. No one really acts like that. I also find myself struggling with contentment in my own life, marriage and romance department.

I recently was chatting with an author about her latest book and before I knew I had volunteered to read it and review it. I've done that before, so that part wasn't shocking. The book is a Steeple Hill, Love Inspired, Heartwarming, inspirational ROMANCE.

What was I thinking?

The book came and I opened it and thought I'd just read the first page. Twelve chapters later, I put the book down. The book is A Valentine's Wish by Betsy St. Amant. The book is available on, just click the above link and order it!! I just checked, the book is only $5.50 and qualifies for free shipping.

Betsy weaves a wonderful story about chocolate, Lori and Andy. Andy is a youth pastor and Lori is his long time best friend, but not girlfriend. When Andy is told by his senior pastor to find a wife and find one quickly, he turns to Lori. He is convinced though, that she doesn't like him that way but instead of just asking her, he becomes a secret admirer.

I'm not giving away any more of the books delicious secrets, you'll have to get it for yourself and read it!

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