Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tonight dear man and I were having a slice of pie, well I had one and he had one, and in the booth behind us, well behind me actually if we were sitting on opposite sides of the table how could the booth be behind us? Anyway, I digress. In the booth behind me was sitting a lady I know and have known for years. I remember meeting her but I don't remember all the details, so I can't really say I can't remember not knowing her.

"Mary" was sitting with a man I can only assume is her husband. When I stood to leave he said, "I missed the last few of your math problems." I had been grading the girlies math pages from today and for Beanie's I was quizzing dear man on them. He got them all right. Woo hoo!

Anyway, again I digress again. Back to the woman sitting in the next booth. (now why couldn't I have said it that way to begin with?) She said hello and asked how I was. I of course answered and asked about her. The man she was with, the man I assume is her husband, was not at all the type of man I expected to see her with. I knew her first husband (well as long as he is still living I guess I can say I still know him, but can I really say that if I haven't seen or talked to him in 30 years? Ack...I digress yet again...) and the man tonight was so opposite of him I was a little unsettled. It of course didn't stop me from yammering on to dear man about my memories.

The woman's first husband was somewhat of a mystery when we first met his family. He was a missionary pilot and for the longest time I was positive he was just a figment of everyone's imagination. Then I met him and noticed he always wore a blue "cowboy" suit. You know the western type of decorations on the shoulders, yeah that's the kind. Some how and I'm not sure how exactly it all got started but I would rush behind him, sometimes making circles just so I could, and as I rushed past him I would reach out and yank on the bottom of his jacket. He would turn and growl or something, I'm not sure what. I do know I would run off giggling, only to turn around and come back to do it again and again.

Then he brought this girl home and announced he was marrying her. I was heartbroken. I mean I knew I was going to grow up and marry him. I just knew it. I wondered briefly what his new fiancee would think of our game, of my yanking on his jacket. I pondered it and was concerned for...oh at most an hour. Then I realized she liked cats and as I am especially fond of cats myself and therefore we could be friends. And I could still yank on his jacket. So my life was good. And I only wasted a few months wishing she would die so I could in all of my 9 year old grown-up self slide in and take her place. Well I might wait until I was 10 or 12 but I wouldn't waste too much time.

Anyway, now that I have yet again spilled my guts about someone I haven't thought of in decades. I wonder what brings a memory, or a person to mind that you haven't thought of in a coon's age. (which I have no idea how long that is...) I know there are triggers, for me tonight it was the woman in the next booth. But sometimes they seem to come out of the blue. I'm just walking along and BAM! there is something I haven't thought of for about half of my life.

Anyway, that is my brain for today.

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  1. And I love your brain!

    For me it is smell. Whenever I smell Downy I think about my first boyfriend and a whole world of 1983 comes flooding back. Crazy what brings things back...