Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pray Big

Four years ago, almost exactly, my then-three-year old and I had the following conversation:

E: Mommy, does God hear when I pray quietly?
Me: "Yes."
E: Oh because He's a guy?
Me: (laughing a bit) No because He's God.

She had been praying quietly and was concerned that God would be able to hear her since no one else could. There are times I relate to this sentiment, especially those times it seems God isn't listening, isn't hearing, because He isn't moving.

I just finished reading "Faith Set Free" by Will Davis Jr. I've alluded to the book here and here.  Don't let the title fool you, it is a book on prayer. Will Davis Jr. has also written Pray Big, Pray Big for Your Marriage, Pray Big for Your Child

I love to talk but praying is very difficult for me. I'm ashamed and sad to admit that because it is so difficult, I often don't pray. I'll pray before meals, and at bedtime. But I don't seek out times to just pray. I've been known to step into my garage and scream, "HELP ME NOW!!!!"  

A month ago I started praying through The Lord's Prayer, adding my own words and thoughts to it. That last a week or two and then it became a drudgery. I'm sure God is thrilled when I talk to Him just because I have to, or just so I can check it off my mental to-do list. 

But Faith Set Free changed all of that. I knew before my prayers didn't have to be long and flowery, or even necessarily flowing, but when I would listen to people prattle on to God, I felt so insecure because so often when I approach His throne I am struck with my own horrible sinfulness and His Own Great Holiness. And I am struck dumb. All thoughts leave my mind, I can't even think where to begin. 

I know we're promised access with confidence to His throne where we find grace and mercy and help. 

This book will revolutionize your prayer life. Even if you're not like me and have a great prayer life. Mr. Davis takes you through The Lord's Prayer in new, pinpoint way. "Lord, make Your name holy in my life today. Lord, bring Your kingdom to my heart today." 

You really owe it to yourself to get this book.  Either get it from your local Christian bookstore or click the link above. You will not be sorry!! 

"I too want to be a dangerous Christian, and moving out in faith-based courage is where dangerous Christianity begins." (page 111) "Father, equip me to be on my guard and to stand firm in the faith. Make me a person of courage and make me strong." (page 113)

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