Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rice anyone?

I used to be a spender or as Dave Ramsey says " a free spirit". I'm still a free spirit just not when it refers to money.  Now when it comes to spending money, I break out in hives, I find it hard to breathe, I have the whole fight or flight thing going on.

Which is good when I'm wanting to buy something like say a refrigerator. Not so much when I need to by groceries.  Especially when I'd already rather have my fingernails ripped out than go to the grocery store.

Since, however, my family seems to be in the habit of eating at least three times a day, I have to go to the store. My favorite grocery store recently closed and left me feeling rather bereft. There are, of course, other grocery stores but I didn't shop at those stores for a reason. I did start shopping at one of them though, out of necessity, but it truly the "lesser of the evils" in my mind.

Then I had the brilliant idea to try Sams or Costco. Apparently Costco has never heard of the middle of the country, so Costco is out. Obviously they also have no idea my deep dislike for all things Wal Mart.

Last weekend we went to Sams in a nearby town. I planned on spending a bit more than I normally do for a two-week supply of food in hopes I would find that I save money buying in bulk. Something I knew intellectually but I wasn't sure in practice.  I just wasn't sure how it would work to buy a month's worth of groceries with half a month's money.

It worked. Kind of. There are just a few things like fruit that I'll need but otherwise I should be good to go.  My sister in law went with me and conned me into buying 25 pounds of rice.

Twenty-five pounds of rice.

That's a lot of rice. It is to be exact 104 cups, or 52 2 cup bags. Forty-eight of which are in my freezer.  I should be set for a year. I figure I can make a dish with rice once a week and never have to buy more rice until next August.

Of course I might need "52 Ways to Cook Rice" because while my family loves the Dave Ramsey Special, they informed me they don't like it that much.

Please, if you have any great rice recipes, share them with me!!

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