Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something new.

A year ago I bought a dress I loved and was in my size. No need to try it on because I had one in my hands that was the same size and I knew it fit.
You might be wondering why it is thumbtacked to my door. Well I have one very good reason for that.

It didn't fit.

I could get it on okay at least as far as my hips. Then it was a no-go. And since I usually try and go places with my whole backside covered, especially to church, I tacked it to the door to tell myself, "That will fit and I will wear it!!"

Today is (hopefully) the day. I know it fits me because I've tried it on before.  But there are some small errr huge (no pun intended at all) parts of me that are rather insecure about my "grandma arms". You know the arms one could fly with. The ones that look like the flaps on airplane wings? Those.

I do have a light cover up I could wear but that merely contains the arm flaps.  But I would feel better.

Except it's supposed to be 97 degrees here today. And the cover up while being a light-weight, is dark chocolate brown.  And I'm thinking I might be just a tad bit hot.

Except I'd be comfortable in church. (and isn't that why we go to church in the first place? To be comfortable..) I don't know about your sanctuary but you could hang meat in mine.  It seems I am literally taken from the freezer to the frying pan.

I'm reading a rather good book, and this has nothing to do with the dress above, called Faith Set Free by Will Davis Jr. He talks about taking the time to really pray for ourself. Now I will review this book when I'm finished and you will want to come back when I do, so I'm not going into too much detail here. He revolutionized the way I view the Lord's Prayer.  Today I started praying it the way Mr. Davis suggested. And let me tell you, it must be effective because I've had a few firey  darts thrown my way already. And I've been out of bed less than an hour.

Here is proof I wore it.

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